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Bearing Installation
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Good or bad bearings installed or not, will affect the accuracy of bearing life and performance. Therefore, the full installation of bearings, which contains the following items please follow the operating standards, including bearing installation.

First, clean the bearings and related parts
Has been greased on both sides with bearings and oil seals or shield, bearing seals before installation without washing.

Second, check the relevant parts of the size and finishing conditions

Third, the installation method
Bearing installation bearing structure in accordance with, the size and bearing components with the nature of the pressure should be directly added to the tight end with the ring surface was not passed through the rolling pressure, bearing installation generally use the following method:

a. press-fit
Bearing inner ring to tight fit with the shaft, the outer ring and bearing with the hole is loose when the press can be pressed will be installed in the shaft bearings, and then loaded with the shaft bearing with the bearing hole, when press-fit bearing inner ring-side surface, a soft metal material of the pad assembly sleeve (copper or soft steel), the assembly of casing diameter should be slightly larger than the journal diameter, diameter diameter should be slightly smaller than the bearing inner ring wall, to avoid pressure in the cage. Bearing outer ring and the bearing hole tight fit, loose inner ring and with the axis, can be pressed into the bearing seat bearing the first hole, then the assembly should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the casing bore diameter. If the bearing ring and housing bore and shaft are a tight fit, the installation of indoor ring and outer ring to be pressed into the shaft and seat both holes, the assembly of the structure of the casing should be able to charge both the inner and outer bearing tight end.

b. heating with

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