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NSK bearings in the outstanding performance of wind turbines
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Pumps and compressors
    Pump used in petrochemical, paper, irrigation and food industries all around the world. Moreover, the compressor is also widely used in factory equipment, construction and civil engineering of the gas source, family and business use of air conditioners, refrigerators, cold storage and other purposes. So, industrial pumps and compressors can be described as an indispensable device. NSK provides the most important elements of these devices that "turn" part of the necessary bearings, the main unit through support of all industries.
    Requirements for pumps and compressors, environmental protection, high reliability, energy efficiency and savings in maintenance costs. NSK is committed to the pursuit of the best design and improve production quality, provide environmental protection, energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs all play a role in long-life, high load capacity, high reliability of the bearings.
NSK will remain focused on their overall ability, attention to environmental issues, the introduction of more energy-efficient products. In addition, efforts to develop a new generation of pumps has long been well received and compressor bearings.
    NSK's performance and innovative technology
    The pump and compressor bearings, requires a low heat, long life, resistance to various working conditions, low noise, low vibration performance. NSK in energy conservation, saving maintenance costs, small light-weight, high reliability, customers can meet all aspects of the use in the world, proud of the development of design capabilities, materials technology, tribology technology, manufacturing technology, the experience of all aspects of to develop a dedicated compressor oil, chemical resistance with excellent ELCOMP series, as well as to improve the reliability of the pump contribute to the high functionality and complex angular contact ball bearings double row angular contact ball bearings. This is not only to achieve a long life and high reliability, while also achieving miniaturization. We firmly believe that through the use of NSK products, customers can see for themselves the most cutting-edge technology.
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