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NSK Bearings latest maintenance 4 steps
Posted by£ºÍøÕ¾¹ÜÀíÔ± | Published£º2011-9-8 | Reading£º13718
NSK Bearings latest maintenance 4 steps
1, first put into the gasoline NSK Bearings cleaning wipe the sludge left in the bearings and dust, where there are rust of NSK bearings are polished with metallographic abrasive paper to gently clean, until the sense of touch so far with no rough.
2, with a dry rag to dry after cleaning NSK bearings, and then immersed into the anti-rust oil. In the process, to NSK bearings and anti-rust oil completely in contact and keep turning NSK bearings, so as to enable the formation of rust preventive oil film covering the surface of the bearing to achieve the purpose of rust.
3, followed by lithium grease? With butter? Be evenly applied to the bearing surface, including inner and outer rings, wheels, cage. Side wiping edges and is rotating bearings, NSK Bearings really into the butter inside to play the full lubrication.
4, the last process is the packaging. In order to save costs, we "turning waste into treasure," will be scrapped Sacks for packing cement warehouse, cut into appropriate size bags, the NSK bearing the package tight, wrap, label NSK bearing good specification model on the shelves after the store back
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