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Bearing the storage environment
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Bearing storage sites should be clean, dry, ventilated, and to prevent harmful substances such as acid mist vapor intrusion, prohibition and other chemicals stored in the same warehouse.
First, the environmental conditions bearing warehouse
Storage at room temperature
Rolling storage at room temperature should be kept air-conditioning or water using statins and other means to control in 5 ~ 25 range.
Room temperature is too low, anti-rust oil will harden and crack, moisture and other harmful substances through the cracks and make direct contact with the bearing surface rust, overheating, rust and oil will melt and lose the protective effect of the bearing surface, temperature difference between day and night too large or the temperature amplitude through the large, atmospheric moisture will bead up on the bearing surface, causing bearing corrosion.
If you do not have air condition, should be used below 5 for indoor electric far infrared heating, and not to use coal, wood, heating oil and other varieties of fuel, as this will produce harmful gases, causing bearing corrosion. It is difficult, they can use the enclosed fireplace or stove, with good sealing and high smoke stack sudden, all the combustion products discharged into the outdoors.
The number and distribution of heating equipment to ensure the bearings should be stored at elevated temperature to the principle of a more evenly. Above 25 , the best method to use natural convection cooling, to avoid using easy to kick up dust or air cooling fan to bring moisture mandatory law, if you must use a fan, to use the high installation location shutters type exhaust fan, fan Select the number and distribution principles should be kept indoor temperature bearing evenly as possible at the cooling air flow without vortex no dead ends.
Avoid facing the bearing hair, often open in the entrance portal particular attention because of high temperature bearings and steep drops case of cold air will condense, which is in the morning when the storage room air exchange should also pay attention.
Storage humidity
Warehouse storage of bearings, the indoor relative humidity should be maintained at 45% to 60%, beyond this limit, measures should be taken to dehumidification. Preferably in the inlet of the ventilation channel set dehumidification equipment, the appropriate place in the indoor moisture like silicone substance. High humidity, easily lead to corrosion of bearings and shorten the bearing of the "life inventory" - Stock rhythm, rainy days, prohibit raincoat, wet shoes, and other burglary.
Indoor air conditions
Warehouse storage of bearings, the indoor air should be clean, clean, dry, non-acid gas, water vapor or other corrosive gases, the best adjustment was appropriate temperatures. If there is no air filter, dust screens at least.
Indoor environment
Warehouse is best kept separate bearings. If it is necessary and other items stored in a room together when the common items must not be stored in acid, alkali, salt or other chemicals, but does not allow access to these items. Common storage items must be clean and dust-free, stable, not moldy or the release of harmful gases. Even eligible items must be stored separately with the bearings in order to avoid confusion.
Warehouse Location
Warehouse storage location should be selected bearing in a quiet, clean premises, not in a hazardous atmosphere year-round source or sources of dust and dirt leeward position, especially away from chemical storage, treatment or pickling shop, shop and blacksmith shop caster, Even grinder shop. The door to the warehouse should not face south.
Second place on the shelves bearing
Placed bearing shelves, the table should be smooth and no punch, but may not have nail head, burr, the frame body in ensuring the necessary strength and stiffness of the conditions, may wish to make truss to facilitate ventilation, the minimum bearing from the ground storage location should be 0.33m above. Shelf table should be a non-corrosive, moisture-proof pad oiled paper, bearing the highest density of piling up to a certain extent, can not impede the ventilation of the other bearings.
Large bearing on the appropriate lifting device should be near, and with the corresponding transport vehicles.
Precision bearings should be placed in special small room or cabinet temperature dewetting be stored inside year round to keep the ambient temperature in the range of 5-15 to control the residual austenite bearing persistent, maintaining the dimensional accuracy of bearing.
If does not meet the above conditions, at least precision bearings should be placed in the position of the most stable indoor temperature.
In the conditional case, the loan-to-frame bearing can be designed rotary and lift, or the design of automatic pickup device.
Third, the interior structure of the warehouse
Storage warehouse shall be moisture bearing floors, walls, building materials of the neutral material, can not be used as a wall covering unstable volatile offerings chloride coating, the wall should be smooth, not block air flow, the accumulation of dust. Incoming sunlight from the windows and doors can not be sustained direct exposure to the bearing

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