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High-speed precision angular contact ball bearing installation
Posted by£ºÍøÕ¾¹ÜÀíÔ± | Published£º2011-9-8 | Reading£º13084

High-speed precision angular contact ball bearings, mainly for high-speed rotation where the lighter loads, requiring high-precision bearings, high speed, low vibration and low temperature rise a certain life. Often the supporting pieces of high-speed spindle installed in pairs to use, the inner surface grinder spindle speed key component parts.
Main Specifications:
1. Bearing precision index: more than GB/307.1-94 P4 class precision
2. High-speed performance: dmN value of 1.3 ~ 1.8x 106 / min
3. Life (average):> 1500 h
High-speed precision angular contact ball bearings and installation of life has a lot to be aware of the following
1. Bearing installation should be clean, clean room for the bearing to carefully matching, bearing spacer to go through the grind of maintaining high inside and outside the ring under the premise of every circle, every cycle should be controlled in parallel 1um below;
2. Bearings should be cleaned before installation, cleaning the inner slope upward, feel should be flexible, without a sense of stagnation, dried, placed in a specified amount of oil, in the case of oil mist lubrication oil should be placed in a small amount of oil mist;
3. Bearing installation tool should be used specifically by force uniform, non-beat;
4. Bearings shall be stored in clean air, non-corrosive gas, no more than 65% relative humidity, long-term storage should be regularly rust.

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